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DiA Leadership: For mentors

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Our mentor program focuses on personal and leadership development. The program is designed for multicultural women who wish to remove barriers to inclusion, both self-limiting beliefs and external limitations to authentic inclusion. The program participants wish to become change-makers and leaders in their workplace and community.

To support their growth and societal impact, we invite mentors from a variety of professional fields. If you become part of the Papillon mentor pool, we will list you as a person who is available to be matched with a leadership program participant. The candidates start the program in February 2022, while the mentoring component of the program will start in May and end in November 2022. Papillon will support and coach the mentors as well as the candidates throughout the program.

Do you want to be a mentor?

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Motivated to lift others

Experience with leadership

Good role model

Enthusiasm and competancy in your professional field

Positive attitude

Supportive mindset

Is this you?

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This project is part of our larger initiative Diversity in Action in partnership with Grieg Foundation and Sparebankstiftelsen SR-Bank.

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