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DiA Multicultural Student Leadership Program

Leadership is about creating positive change in your life and the lives around you. It does not require a title or formal role. It is not something you are either born with or not. Leadership is a set of skills that can be developed and can begin at any age. Everyone can be a leader.

Papillion’s student leadership program is designed for university students of all genders with multicultural backgrounds to explore and put into practice key leadership skills.


Monthly workshops focused on learning, engagement and putting into practice new concepts and skills

Short, online lessons and exercises to do at home followed by reflection groups of three

One-on-one mentoring with someone in your industry or field of interest.

Primarily in Norwegian with some English language instruction.

Ready to take the next step?

Apply now to be a part of our pilot cohort, beginning in February, 2022


Leadership in Society

        The first person you lead is yourself. This begins with knowing your strengths, weaknesses, motivation and values. Here we learn and practice strategies for identifying and overcoming internal barriers to success while building self confidence and resilience.

Leadership of Others

          Leaders must be adaptable in order to connect and communicate with others. This is a path to form healthy relationships and collaborations. Here there will be an emphasis on emotional intelligence, team building, productive approaches to conflict and how our multicultural backgrounds are a unique strength.

Leadership of Self

          In the final module we will explore the larger changes we want to affect in our communities. Leadership does not require a formal role and each of us has a calling. Some of the themes we will engage with are entrepreneurship, strategic thinking, individual and collective action in order to create the future we want. 

Interested and ready to learn more?

Click here to register for our upcoming informational webinar. If you prefer to speak with one of us in Papillon, let us know in the form and we are happy to arrange a time.

This project is part of our larger initiative “Diversity in Action” in partnership with Grieg Foundation and Sparebankstiftelsen SR-Bank.

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