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Volunteering in Papillon is important because it contributes to social inclusion, which in turn contributes to an experience of community and belonging, and it is also an important arena where you can develop your skills and network. Papillon needs and depends on volunteers in several of our initiatives.

You can make a tremendous difference for young people in our community simply by showing up and be present for them. Volunteering with Papillon is an enriching opportunity to join a community committed to empowering multicultural youth and fostering meaningful inclusion.

You will get a certificate that shows what you have done in the organisation, that will be helpfully when you apply for jobs, and you get to extend your network.

Papillon needs you who identifies with our values, is a confident adult, and want to contribute to our network, both with your time, job expertise and life experience.

  • You can find something that fits you, your available time and your expertise.
  • All volunteers that works directly with youth must provide for a valid Police certification.

To ensure that we have the right person in the right place, we would like you to send us a brief information about yourself and your CV, then we will contact you to see what volunteering opportunities that are available for you.

If you have questions about volunteering in Papillon, you can contact our volunteer coordinator.

At the moment we are looking for volunteers to help us with this:

Open meeting

Volunteer at our open meetings!

We are in need of people that can help with homework, activities, or guidance.

The meetings are weekly from 17:00 -19:00

Cultural activities

We need volunteers to help with our cultural activities .