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Papillon is an organisation based in Bergen and was established in 2015 by founder Le√Įla Rezzouk. The purpose of the organization is to empower young women and youth with a multicultural or migrant background to stand up for their choices and within their own strength, and own the power of their voice.

If you see multi-cultural young people as a resource, for their strength and potential they will thrive and make a positive, transformative impact on society.

We create initiatives to empower multicultural people, while also guiding and inspiring other organisations and the public sector to see and value our recourses, so that we can reach our full potential, resulting in a more vibrant and thriving society.

The Institute of Public Health has 4 goals for how and what is needed to build human sustainability in line with the UN's sustainability goals - Environment and Economy:

  • That the citizens have good trust in society and each other
  • Has access to work, education and a good local environment
  • That they feel a sense of belonging
  • That they feel safe

With our core values, we contribute to a more sustainable society through our initiatives and give our participants opportunities to thrive.

Multicultural resources

Empowering multicultural youth to find the strength in their stories and own the power of their voice.