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Based on the schools' teaching plans, and resources from many of our competent collaborations and institutions, Papillon has developed our own School Program for young people. The lecture is called Eg e' Meg and aims to strengthen young people's life skills, develop their social competence and critical thinking.

With the School Program we want to prevent school dropouts, address mental and physical health challenges and alienation.

Since 2019, we had close collaborations with both secondary schools and upper secondary schools in Bergen with this program.

The students participate in reflective conversations and activities that result in a better reflective ability and self-belief together with a resource person from Papillon.

The program runs for several weeks and each lecture is about 1-2 hours. If the School has a special request, we have adapted the teaching to different subjects and needs.

Here are some of the themes we have in the program:

  • Social Media
  • Negative social control
  • Mental health
  • Identity

Does your school want to collaborate with us?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about the program or book us to your school!